Help us Get Justice for Lisa and other Victims of Houston Dangerous Roads

A year ago today, on October 19th 2017, a reckless driver stole the life of my vibrant and kind-hearted sister Lisa Torry Smith. Lisa and her son, Logan, were run over, at fast speed by an SUV, in the middle of a crosswalk, in a school zone, on their way to Jan Schiff Elementary School in Fort Bend County — a suburb of the city of Houston. Help was not called until others arrived on the scene. Lisa went into cardiac arrest and died, in front of her 6 year old son, on the street. One year later, we are still awaiting and demanding #JusticeforLisa

According to research by the Houston Chronicle, Houston’s roads have become the most dangerous in the United States for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. For a myriad of reasons, these crimes go unpunished and unprevented.

In Fort Bend County Texas, Lisa’s life—like so many others killed on the roads in Houston—has been treated as unavoidable carnage by authorities.

Today, we are calling on Texas State leaders all those who truly value families and the right to public safety to make road safety a top priority – for the state of Texas and across the United States.

We invite Texas leaders, experts, advocates and concerned citizens to join our campaign seeking #JusticeforLisa and #RoadSafetyforCitizens, for the thousands of other victims of Houston’s perilous, merciless roads and drivers.

We demand accountability from those who allow these crimes to continue with impunity.

Join us in demanding #JusticeforLisa #RoadSafetyforCitizens
Join us in demanding #JusticeforLisa.

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